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Cancer is a big problem in the world today and Botswana has not been left out. Cancer has become a problem of all ages from infants to old people in different ways. Its treatment is also multifaceted yet very small percentage of the cases actually are cured. As more people are developing cancer LEMS has seen that there is a need to help with the situation. Just as Ditshegwane project LEMS has taken an initiative of a continuous involvement with cancer association. Since 2018 a number of donations in cash, motivational activities for the staff, Covid-19 needs such as masks have been made looking at the dire situation the association is in. As stated, opposed to a single donation time to time, LEMS intentions are to involve itself with decision making at board level. Being chosen as a partner, LEMS intends to assist in the following:

1. Cancer awareness programs
2. Cancer prevention programs
3. Develop a private and public sector forum for development of strategies to curb cancer