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Ditshegwane Primary School is located outside Letlhakeng, 60km from Molepolole on the way to Kang. The primary school has over 700 school children with poor class facilities, no library, old computers, no science facilities, few teachers and many other problems. At the same school there are some children who are disabled and have to be carried from home on donkey carts. One particular child is half palarized on the lower side. She has to continuously be helped with sanitation. It goes without saying that teachers are most of the time discouraged with the condition of the school and the students leading to poor pass rates in countrywide examinations.

When news reached LEMS of this dire situation, a decision was taken to adopt the school. As of 2018 LEMS has taken an initiative to help where we can.

Current Projects

1. Provision of trophies for children who are doing well to encourage hard working in studies,
2. Organizing and funding annual events that brings the community together to strategize and foster ubuntu.
3. Purchase of dippers for the disabled child.
4. Photocopying test papers when there is no printing solution on the premises.
5. Provision of all the Covid-19 needs such as masks, hand soap, thermometers and warm water.

LEMS future plans are to help with

1. Establishing a computer lab to boost information technology as it is the backbone of modern world.
2. Establish a science laboratory for practical scientific studies
3. Continue with the services being provided at present.