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Abbott I-STAT provides the clinician with most critical tests immediately at the patients’ side. Apart from blood gasses I-STAT does urgent cardiac tests, kidney functions, sepsis, haemoglobin, pregnancy Test, coagulation, etc.


Boditech platform I-Chroma II is one of the best POC device on the market with a very wide range of assays. This included tests for heart problems, fertility, oncology and other hormones, Infectious diseased like COVID, hepatitis, sepsis, Rota and many others. The device is also applicable for allergies, autoimmune and low blood complications.


Siemens POC provides us with a wide range of devices specifically designed for various medical situations. For critical care we have Stratus range, Urinalysis - Status, Coagulation – X-precia, blood gasses – RP500 and more.