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Leading Edge Markets Pty Ltd (LEMS) has set corporate social investment as part of its key responsibility to societies we operate in. Each member of the management team is passionate about CSI as the personal life reflections picture the struggles encountered in childhood due to low income from parents, stressful encounters with access to healthcare, as well as the difficulties and challenges charactering the hostile world we live in today. With little or no help rendered, the disadvantaged community face struggles that inevitably affect the quality of life. Memories of wishing for a helping hand in times of distress recur now and motivate LEMS to lend a helping hand to those helpless and hopeless, a situation management has had a personal experience with. Management is motivated to go out and serve as now, we have the empowerment of resources and the humility taught by our unfortunate childhood experiences to help those who need our assistance. To this end and as a policy position, LEMS has decided to set aside 5% of its profits every year to undertake a number of projects to lessen the burden on disadvantaged communities within the society.


Leading Edge Markets celebrated 2019 Christmas with Bana-Ba-Ditlou orphanage centre in Kasane. Employees joined hands with the company to extend a compassionate gesture to disadvantaged members of the society by donating clothes and toys to children. Over and above donating to the kids, the Staff and Management of LEMS took time to interact with the children and dance to the melodious sound of marimba, as well as offer motivational messages of encouragement to the children to work hard in their studies and dream big.


Ditshegwane Primary School is located outside Letlhakeng, 60km from Molepolole on the way to Kang. The primary school has over 700 school children with poor class facilities, no library, old computers, no science facilities, few teachers and many other problems. At the same school there are some children who are disabled and have to be carried from home on donkey carts. One particular child is half polarized on the lower side. She has to continuously be helped with sanitation. It goes without saying that teachers are most of the time discouraged with the condition of the school and the students leading to poor pass rates in countrywide examinations.


Cancer is a big problem in the world today and Botswana has not been left behind. Cancer has become a problem of all ages from infants to old people. It comes to multitude in different ways. Its treatment is also multifaceted yet very small percentage of the cases actually are cured. As more people are developing cancer, LEMS has seen that there is a need to help with the situation. Just as Ditshegwane project, LEMS has taken an initiative of a continuous involvement with cancer association. Since 2018 a number of donations in cash, motivational activities for the staff, Covid-19 needs such as masks have been made looking at the dire situation the association is in. As stated, opposed to a once-off donation, LEMS intentions are to involve itself with decision making at board level. Being chosen as a partner, LEMS intends to assist in the following:


At Leading Edge Markets (Pty) Ltd, we believe that a team that jells well together works best together. Team cohesion is important to us. That’s why we spend a good portion of our revenue on staff welfare.